5 Self-Help Tips to End Your Anxiety

woman praying seeking professional help to end anxiety and depression

5 more self-help anxiety tips

1. The worst thing is suffering with anxiety alone. I know I did this. And I hear from many of my clients that don’t even speak to their partners or spouses about their anxiety or blushing. It’s like we are trying to hide it all the time, which only makes it worse. By all means, speak to your family and friends about it. You will feel relieved and open yourself for support. You may be surprised to find out many of them are struggling with similar issues.

We’ve been taught as children that we should not “burden others” with our problems. And finally we’ve been told that most everything is our own fault anyway, so what would we go to someone else with it? It was made very clear: we made our bed and now we have to lie on it. ~ Neal Donald Walsch

Reach out and ask for help, connect to someone, a friend, a relative, a minister, a therapist, tell someone how you feel.

2. Pray. Pray often. Ask for guidance and help. Prayer is powerful. However you see the Universe, God or Spirit, open your mind and heart to something greater. All prayers are answered, though don’t get hung up on how, or try to control how.

Anxiety is disconnection from the peace, love and presence that is within and all around us, always. The purpose of prayer, meditation, time in nature, becoming quiet and still, is to get reconnected.

Tune into your heart and the heart of others. Tune into the Living Spirit and you will naturally relax and experience the peace you seek.

3. EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of meridian tapping therapy that helped me tremendously. I used it personally and teach it to my clients. It is great for rooting out the causes of anxiety and forming positive self-talk and thinking.

Try this simple EFT method: Sit down and choose something that is bothering you. For instance, you feel disappointed your friend did not call. Now rate it on a scale of 0-10. Zero being you feel at total peace, and a ten being you are extremely upset. Then focus and sense your body, try to feel your energy around this disappointment and where it is in your body.

Next, get in touch with your greater self. You can see light coming down over you and washing slowly through your body, clearing and purifying all your stress away. You may also connect this with prayer if you like. Afterward, see where your feeling of disappointment is on the scale of 0-10. Sometimes the feeling shifts to another. Stick with it. You eventually will come to a zero, and probably have some insights or find a new way of seeing the whole thing.

4. Anxiety is felt when we are trying to escape the experience we are having or feeling. Rather than escape or suppress it, find ways to feel, acknowledge and change it. We all have experiences that trigger us. We tend to blame or distance ourselves from the present situation or person, deciding they are the cause of our stress.

If instead, we take the time to center, focus and sense deeper, reflect and process it, we can transform and clear the root cause of the upset that was actually in our past somewhere. In this way we can lessen the events that trigger us.

5. Mindful, somatic-based psychotherapy played a major part in curing my severe anxiety, social anxiety and blushing. One example is, I used to always have a terrible ball of stress in my stomach that severely affected my digestion and even made breathing difficult. By myself I was not able to focus long enough to get to the root cause of the emotions I was carrying in there.

By working with a therapist who was able to guide and support me, I was able to release these buried feelings. Afterward, I felt the most peace and happiness I could ever remember up to that point in my life. You can read more about my life journey and my healing path here – How I Overcame Social Anxiety, Depression and PTSD.

Wishing you peace,


It is terrible to suffer from anxiety, especially social anxiety. I know, I did for many years. I now know that anxiety disorders can be cured. If these tips are not enough to put an end to your anxiety, contact me for a complimentary consultation and find out how I can help you.