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Resolving your anxiety can completely transform your life.

Is anxiety running and ruining your life?

Living with anxiety is a terrible feeling, it can control every aspect of our lives. It used to control every aspect of my life when I was a teenager and for many of my adult years. There are many causes for anxiety, it can be complex. I have been studying and working to resolve anxiety issues for my entire adult life. This is my focus and my expertise. If you or someone you know suffers from any of form of anxiety condition, I want to help resolve it.  

Anxiety conditions I commonly work with

Various causes of anxiety

Anxiety disorders are most likely caused by a complex interaction of family, environment, stress, biochemical and genetic factors; and are often rooted in childhood trauma (overt, covert, subtle and complex trauma).

Anxiety conditions can be learned from other family members and are possibly genetic. Often the parents have an underlying anxiety disorder, or are abusive, controlling or over protective. Some researchers believe the person may have an overactive amygdala, causing them to be over-sensitive to fear. Introverted, sensitive or shy children may be more susceptible.

Anxiety conditions are rapidly increasing, as are many factors of stress in our present world. Anxiety is essentially a learned response to stress overload in sensitive people.

Nutritional, mineral, hormonal or neurotransmitter imbalances, such as low serotonin can play a role. Toxic conditions, sensitivities to food and chemicals can play a role, and heavy metals need to be considered. I have a background in understanding and addressing these types of causes and guide my clients to properly address them. 

Children or people that experience sexual abuse or severe emotional, mental or physical abuse are more susceptible. Children with parental attachment issues are more susceptible, as are children that experience bullying, ridicule, humiliation, separation or rejection, or other family conflict or negative experiences.

People susceptible to anxiety disorders get a sense early on in life that things are not controllable and dangerous. People who suffer from PTSD, as well as substance abuse, often have underlying anxiety disorders.

How does anxiety affect your life?

Do you relate to any or many of these anxiety symptoms? You can’t rid yourself of concerns and worries, you feel hyper-vigilant, you can’t relax, you get startled easily, you experience a racing heart, a rapid or constricted breath, difficulty concentrating, sleep troubles, fatigue, often feel irritable, headaches or migraines, muscle aches and tension?

Do any of these cause you anxiety?

  • Being comfortable and secure in groups
  • Sleeping in rooms with other people
  • Entering rooms where other people are already gathered
  • Public speaking, performing or giving presentations
  • Taking tests
  • Speaking to strangers
  • Asking someone for a date
  • Being introduced to people
  • Initiating communication or conversations
  • Having attention on you in social situations
  • Setting boundaries
  • Speaking or talking on a phone when others are nearby and can hear
  • Doing anything when other people may be watching

Take the next step to resolve your anxiety

I have resolved anxiety issues for myself and I am successfully helping others resolve their anxiety issues. Schedule a complimentary appointment today.

“I am not the same woman who you met two months ago and my peace, happiness, and health are paramount to me and that will never change. You have been such a huge part of this fundamental change and I will be forever grateful to you for that. Your love and support is unlike anything I have ever experienced before and I know it is a large part of why I was and am able to live with this clarity and inner stability. You have taught me many things, but one of the most important is that whenever I don’t know what to do or how I feel, I can quiet my mind and my spirit will lead me.”

Elena | New Hampshire