Create Change, Shift Your Feelings

woman creating change in life with therapy and coaching, spiritual counseling and guidance

This blog is for anyone that often or ever finds themselves feeling unhappy, stuck, depressed, angry or upset. Did you know you can rather easily shift your feelings and create change in your life? Easy once you know how, and it can be as immediate as you want.

Do you remember as a child you or a sibling or friend being in a bad mood? You or someone else in your life probably made it their mission to get you or them to laugh, break a smile, snap out of it? Sure, but you may ask, what about severe depression, deep seated anger or hurt, chronic unhappiness? Am I just supposed to laugh, change my tune just like that?

First, let’s establish that deep hurt, anger, grief, sadness and such needs to be felt and honored. This blog is not saying to ignore it or just start laughing no matter what. Here we are exploring the control we do have to feel and live how we really want. In fact, often the problem is avoiding feeling the dark unhappy feelings directly enough so that we remain stuck in them.

Feelings we resist persist.

Here I am focusing on our ability to get up in the morning and decide how we will approach the day, and any time we don’t like the way things are going or how we are feeling. We can carry grief over a great (or small) loss, and still decide in a given moment to enjoy our day. This does not negate the loss. We don’t need to wear black the rest of our lives and hang our heads. No matter what our life experience has been, we decide how we are going to live and feel, if not consciously then subconsciously.

Consciously decide to create change and shift the way you are feeling

Have you made a conscious decision how you are going live your life? Do you get up every morning and go to bed every night stating it? Or are you still operating on the erroneous idea that others are responsible for your fate? Do you still believe in being a victim of life? Or do you know and live by the fact that you can create change in your life and no one can decide how you are going to feel? You can create change by shifting your feelings anytime.  Are you 100% certain that you are 100% responsible for your own feelings?

This is not the time or place for me to convince you of what I have said so far. Instead I am going to share some ways to create change and shift the energy in your life, so that you can experiment and see if you can have any feeling you want whenever you want. So the next time you don’t like how you feel, rather than being upset that this or that, or this or that person said or did this or that, you can simply identify the feeling you want to have and create it, make it happen.

The key is in the word ‘shift’. If you are sitting or standing in an uncomfortable position what do you do? Hopefully you shift. If you don’t like the music or program hopefully you shift the station. If you are in a rut, depressed, financially wanting more, not getting good grades, whatever, you need, shift. Begin by shifting physically, this might mean changing your position, changing the furniture around (no, you don’t need to wait until you can afford a whole new set of furniture!), change your clothes, change your diet, though most of all: change your mind!

Begin to shift your energy, create change by changing your thinking

How do we change our minds? How do we create change and shift our feelings? Changing your words and thoughts will change your feelings, causing change in your life. Catch yourself saying things like “it does not matter,” or “I don’t matter,” or realize deep down the mantra or belief is that ‘you don’t matter,’ and consciously change it. Write in your journal all the reasons you matter. Dance, move, run, hike and speak out loud about how much you matter. You matter! Don’t believe it yet? Just say it anyway, “I Matter”! What you say with feeling, emotion, energy and faith will come to pass, whether you fully believe it yet or not. Keep repeating the same old thing, and that is what you will get.

You can assume that the picture of your life, the experiences you are having are being dictated by your inner thoughts and beliefs that are connected to your deepest feelings. The beautiful thing is you can heal and change your life. Only you can stop you from healing and changing your life. Only you can stop your own happiness.

In any moment or any time you don’t like what you are feeling or thinking, change it, find a way to shift it. Often being silly works. Skip into a new reality. Visualize it. Your imagination is powerful. For more chronic issues, spend 20 minutes before bed and 20 minutes upon rising dancing and moving your body and using your words to bring forth images in your mind and feelings in your body of how you really want your life to be and feel. You do not need details. You need to evoke feelings, how it will feel when you have what you want.

Let gratitude bless your life

And the greatest attitude and prayer you want to guide you is that of gratitude and appreciation. Feeling as if you already have it. Thanking the Universe for it. And whenever you are unsure, whenever you want guidance, pray asking “How can I bring this or that feeling and experience into my life”? The Universe wants you to be happy. It knows what will make you happy. Open your heart and mind to the Universe, realize you are already One with the Source of happiness, and surrender into what you want, accepting all the good that wants to flow to you now.

Remember, your words, thoughts and imagination are your magic wand. Experiment and realize the power that is within you to change, transform, create and shift your life.