Emotionally Upset? Put It To Work!!!

It is your choice, either you will let whatever is bothering you irritate you inside, to repeat itself again and again in your life, OR you can realize that energy is energy, it is all a matter of how you direct it, and take charge of your life now! We have all learned negative ways to channel or hold our emotions in the past. Therefore these stuck emotions and feelings just stay in the same pattern. However, every now and then we are given experiences (opportunities) to release and to redirect them. If we don’t change how we channel these opportunities, our lives just keep going around and around in the same old circles. So what is the result? – We get the same old experiences in our lives, nothing really changes and our lives remain essentially the same.

OR, we can use this disappointment, fear, anger, hurt, upset, whatever emotion we are feeling, to bring about the experiences WE REALLY WANT. Such as the experience of joy, love, prosperity, the body image we want, a special relationship, a business success, or whatever it is for us personally that we really want. So here I will provide another way….

I don’t like formulas. So I am not going to give you a mantra, or a black in white way of releasing or channeling energy. Here I am just going to give you an general idea to try. It is based on the fact that we are all made from the Divine energy of the universe, and that this energy is fundamentally creative. We all have the power to create our lives, we are doing it every minute of every day. The key is to do this consciously, to create the experiences which we really want. No two snowflakes are the same, so be inventive. I get into the ‘energy of creation’ when I walk, when I drive, when I meditate. Especially when I am emotionally upset!!

If I am alone, I just start moving my body in some way and verbalize out loud with feeling. And I use that energy that I have just generated to ‘create my life’. I do this with the full conscious intention that I only want what is for my highest good, and then I just say to the best of my ability what I feel in the deepest part of mySelf I can contact.

I say it in the present tense what it is I want: “I AM… I AM experiencing… I HAVE NOW in my life…..I FEEL…” Often it is important to make it clear what I don’t want first. However, I certainly put the emphasis on what I do want. “I AM EXPERIENCING… NOW!” You know when you get ‘sick and tired’ of something, how emotionally strong and definite you get? How everyone round you gets the idea you mean it! How you finally get respect and action! That is the idea. You need to come from that deep committed, definite, direct place. Tell it to the Universe, to God, the angels, your deepest self, to those around you that you care about — Just Say It, and mean it! Then begin from that moment forward to act as if it is real. Believe it is so. Go for it! Faith is the key to the kingdom of heaven on earth. As you believe so it will be. What you ask for you get. What you think becomes your reality. What You FEEL becomes your reality all the faster.

Remind yourself often that you have the power to create whatever you want through your feelings and your focus. Expect what you want. Have your intentions set firm. Last but not least, cultivate a feeling in your heart and energy-field of gratitude and joy that what you want and how you want to experience life is reality now. Carry a feeling of wonder with you always, of how beautiful life really is, as you live in oneness with the flow of divine creation. Life is good when you follow the joy you allow to radiate from your heart.

With Love,

Timothy Long, psychotherapist and personal coach presently lives and sees clients in Boulder, Colorado, as well as by Zoom worldwide.