Spiritual Energy Healing

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Types of Energy Healing

There are so many types of energy healing by many names: including reiki, spiritual healing, long distance healing, acupuncture, crystal healing, sound healing, qigong, reflexology, touch therapy, therapeutic touch, chakra balancing, polarity balancing, craniosacral, shamanic healing, vortex healing, emotional freedom techniques, aura cleansing, energy-field healing, aura healing, bio-field healing, channelled healing, quantum healing, theta healing, and more.

My Approach to Energy Healing

I have experienced many of these energy healing methods and have practiced many of them with my clients. Ultimately there is only one source of all healing, which we can call God, Universal or Divine Love, the Christ, and so forth. I like keeping spiritual energy healing as simple and direct as possible. I think many of these methods unnecessarily complicate things and get in the way of healing.

When I began spiritual energy healing work, it just happened. Or I should say, it was happening and I was at first unaware. Then friends, acquaintances, and eventually my first clients pointed it out and made me aware of it. So I did not have a method and I wasn’t using a method. And yet healing was happening. So this should tell us something. For me it says we don’t need a certain method. We can tune into Source/God and allow Divine Love and Light to heal naturally. 

This might sound a bit unusual, and certainly we don’t need this to happen to be a channel of energy healing, but I often see brilliant orbs of light of different sizes and colors with my naked eyes in my environment and around my clients. Many of these moments mark specific healings that take place. 

Distance does not matter. I can do energy healing at any distance. If you are interested in spiritual energy healing or intuitive guidance, learn more here.

You can learn to channel energy healing

If you wish to learn how heal this way, I can teach you. I firmly believe everyone can learn and is capable of being an energy healer and can expand their intuitive abilities. More than teaching or learning, it matters the state of your consciousness. For instance, you can’t be abusing alcohol or drugs, or living a toxic life and think you are going to be an effective energy healer, and be a clear channel for healing and information.

More about Spiritual Counseling and Healing 

I will forever be thankful that you were put in my life. I have begun a journey of wholeness that as a sick person, I never dreamed possible. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin as I do today, nor have I been so fearless and felt so free. I am grateful for so many things today, especially for the living angels that God has put in my path that have enabled me to heal. – Christie

I had a spiritual energy-field healing done by Timothy Long. I hadn’t been feeling well since September and had previously undergone various blood work to find out why I was so exhausted all of the time. The doctors determined I had an unknown virus of some kind.
Meeting Timothy was the beginning of a rebirth for me, so to speak. The entire process was very powerful, and after it was completed, I felt like a great burden had been lifted off of me! It has been two months now, and I feel terrific in all ways. …thanks again Timothy, for being a healer, a teacher, and someone who truly cares about the well-being of others! – Susan

One of the ways in which Timothy helped me involved doing a spiritual energy healing. I felt a renewed flow of awareness and energy, which made it possible for me to determine the direction I needed to take in my life, and to execute it. Recently, I experienced another period of great change and emotional upheaval in my life. Following these events, I asked Timothy to perform another energy healing for me. Again, I felt a greater sense of stability. From both a scientific and spiritual viewpoint, the integrity of one’s auric energy-field is necessary for the well being of the body, mind and soul. Sincerely, Dr. Ponsalle, Neuroscientist, NIH

Timothy Long’s spiritual healing is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! – Marilyn