5 Ways To Deal With Grief

receive support and grief therapy in time of loss and life transition, grief counselor for counseling

Periods of grief in our lives are inevitable. Often caused by relationship break-ups, death of a loved one, loss of a pet, even the loss of a favorite home or job. At such times we can benefit from grief therapy. Receiving compassionate support by a skilled therapist in the time of grief can be invaluable. Here are 5 effective ways to deal with grief that can sooth your heart and soul:

  1. Light a Candle: So simple, right? Yet, a powerful way to sooth your heart and soul. Bless a single candle and keep it in sight. At times meditate and pray in front of the flame. Speak directly to the one you lost. Pour out your heart. Express yourself as if the person or pet were right there with you. On some level they are.
  2. Take Time Off: Get away, for the day, the week, a month if you can. Go somewhere new, do something new, go visit friends or family, or trek off alone. New perspectives and new experiences are healing and transformative. Time in the mountains or at the beach can be especially healing.
  3. Meet with a grief therapist or counselor: If grief is seriously getting you down, depressing your life, or causing you to use medications or to self-medicate, get help. If you feel irritable, even angry, not sleeping, these are signs you could use some help. A gifted therapist can help you release your grief, and help you cope and move more quickly through whatever you are going through.
  4. Use Your Voice: Right in your throat is one of the greatest healing tools, your voice! Singing and toning, making sounds are very healing and transformative. You can join a choir, find a group that is chanting, or simply start singing. Pay no attention if you are a good singer. Just make sounds, use the vowels of the alphabet, or the musical scale. Play. Make crazy sounds, invent sounds. Sounding, toning and singing are very powerful ways to clear blocked emotions and open the energy in your body-mind. Deep breath work is also very powerful, and can be done along with toning and singing. 
  5. Volunteer: “Giving is receiving.” Often the best way to feel better is to help others feel better. Look into volunteer opportunities in your community. Perhaps volunteer at the animal shelter, an elderly home, or find an opportunity to work with children or teenagers, perhaps at a local school or church. Lighting up someone else’s world will lighten up yours.

In the months following the loss of my mom at age twenty-four, I went into months of depression and physical health problems. As a result I began to search for healing. I found a psychotherapist and I explored different methods of alternative healing. Good came out of bad. In receiving healing myself, I also found my career. Above are just 5 ways to deal with grief. There are many more.

Wishing you peace and healing with whatever you are personally going through.