How to stop facial blushing and turning red in the face

woman's face wanting to stop facial bushing and turning red causing social anxiety

I suffered from severe facial blushing and social anxiety

This is an issue I totally get. I suffered with turning red and blushing for 30 years or more. I thought I could do nothing about it. I just put up with being embarrassed and anxious about it all the time. During this period I avoided socializing or even looking people directly in the face. I was afraid all the time, totally preoccupied with whether or not my face would turn red and my fear of facial blushing.

If you have this problem you know what I am talking about. You know all about being afraid to socialize at school or go on dates, afraid of job interviews, afraid of business meetings, even having dinner with friends and family. And totally forget public speaking or standing in front of people with all the attention on you! My life was a nightmare and it held me back on every possible level in school, socially, and in my career.

I have been a counselor and natural wellness coach my whole life. After years of suffering, avoiding, feeling ashamed, I finally got determined to heal my blushing issues and my social anxiety. I tried all kinds of things: food and diet, many supplements, creams, a number of alternative therapies, EFT, energy healing, coaching, and many forms of psychotherapy.

I cured my facial blushing and social anxiety

I am now 98% cured of blushing and social anxiety. I received the most help from somatic, mind-body, trauma-based psychotherapy, along with other energy-based, mind-body practices. For me, and some of my clients, it was also very helpful to address certain dietary, nutritional and genetic factors.

It has been a long journey for me, though on the way I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience. Blushing, social anxiety, PTSD, depression, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-empowerment issues, along with resolving all forms of anxiety has become my speciality in the past 10 years because I know them so well. Today I am a somatic, mind-body, trauma-based psychotherapist, providing therapy and healing for people who suffer from social anxiety, and, or chronic blushing. 

I can help you cure your facial blushing and social anxiety

My specialty is working with individuals to resolve facial blushing, social anxiety, self-confidence, self-expression, and all forms of anxiety issues. I work easily in-person here in my Boulder, CO office, or long distance by phone and Zoom. We don’t have to see each other in-person to resolve these issues.

If you want to speak to me about how I can help you personally to resolve a facial blushing issue, excessive sweating, turning red, social anxiety, shyness, social phobia, fear of public speaking, self-expression, self esteem and confidence issues, depression or PTSD, or any related issues, feel free to contact me. Set up a free consultation here.

Take charge of your life, raise your confidence and become free of social anxiety and blushing. Learn to express yourself freely and empower your life. Improve your relationships and social life. Become successful in school, in your career and business. You can become comfortable and enjoy happiness and success in your life. I am looking forward to meeting with you and explaining how this can be done.

“I reached out to Timothy when I was desperate for help with my blushing.  While I had found success in my legal career as an in-house attorney, I continuously blushed in the workplace and felt embarrassed, weak, and inadequate.  I searched the internet for solutions when I came across the Imagine Healing webpage. I reached out to Timothy, and he promptly responded and set up our first session.  Timothy’s demeanor is calm, positive, and understanding, which made it very easy to open up to him.  Timothy worked with me for several months, and I came to realize how much some of my early relationships had affected me.  He taught me mindfulness techniques that helped me ease my anxiety and recognize my worth.  He also showed me how my blushing was the result of my own buried thoughts and feelings.  Releasing these thoughts and feelings through my sessions with Timothy led to a dramatic decrease in blushing.  Though I have stopped my sessions, Timothy’s impact in my life continues– I find myself in a much better place, mentally and emotionally.  I am extremely grateful for his invaluable help.  Highly recommend Timothy!  He truly heals. Sincerely, Megan”