Let Go and Let Love Do Its Thing

The Opportunity:

Everything is energy. Emotions are energy. Emotions and feelings can be in flow, felt in the now, or stuck somewhere in our body-mind. How do we ‘let go’ and let love do its thing?

Energy follows thought. As long as our feelings are in motion, being felt, let in and let go, we are not hurt by them. But when as children we learn: ‘don’t be angry,’ ‘it’s not good to be angry,’ ‘don’t be sad, put a smile on your face,’ ‘don’t feel hurt’…’oh it’s not true’…’don’t think about it’…’just forget about it’…we are simply being taught to bury our feelings and to wear a mask. These buried feelings are the seeds of disease, depression, the inability to feel fulfilled, and the inability to create fulfilling relationships, as well as the difficulties many people experience trying to create successful businesses, careers, artistic endeavors, and the like. Buried hurt, sadness, anger, guilt and so on, buried deep in our cells, wreaks havoc in our lives. It drives our lives subconsciously. We are not in charge. Our inner subconscious is made up of our blocked feelings and memories. A tremendous amount of power lies buried here.

We have a much greater power, but it is very difficult to use as long as we have these blocks within. So many teachings simply encourage us to use our conscious power to just sort of override our inner self. Whether it be a new diet, a new exercise program, or some kind of new age mind power technique or meditation, visualization, religious or psychological approach, it does not matter. Sooner or later the subconscious will doom this. We need to acknowledge our inner world of feelings. We don’t have to wallow in them, but we do have to acknowledge and accept them. If we try not to, they will sooner or later overpower us and pop out in one way or another causing misery in our lives.

There is no greater power than that which lies within you. What we need to do is become conscious of what is inside and work with it. Become one with it. Get our blocked energy back into flow to where we can consciously transform it; transmute the blocked energy into what we want TO BE and feel NOW. We don’t even need to do anything to make this happen. The beauty is we are given The Opportunity daily. Every day, nearly every minute if we are really conscious and alert, we are presented the door to walk through that will free us from these blocks that hold back our greatest good and the answers to our dreams.

The Opportunity: The next time you feel an emotional charge, like when something or someone makes you angry, sad, jealous, fearful, etc, NOW is the time to break the pattern – it is time to free your energy and put it to better use. You see, everything that happens ‘to you’ is really a mirror of what is inside of you. For now, trust me on that if you don’t see what I am saying or agree. You don’t need to believe everything I am saying in order to use this information to bring radical and lasting positive change into your life. Just entertain the possibility, if you will, and test what I am saying.

So, when something happens that has an emotional charge to it, stop and name it. Give it a name. Like, so and so is “being manipulative, he is manipulating me!” Now center yourself, close your eyes if you need to follow your breathing to your gut and ask, “What does ‘manipulation have to do with me?” Or, try, “How have I, or do I ‘manipulate’?” Get the idea? Ask some questions and ask how it relates to YOU. It ALWAYS relates to YOU. You just need to be honest enough and determined enough to see it, hear it, and accept it. Getting to the core and bringing peace to our own unresolved, underlying issues, and stopping the cycle of projection and resentment, will bring tremendous peace and freedom. Once you see and FEEL the connection, which might entail an ‘aha moment’, an involuntary, large sigh-breath of air, a feeling of lightness or even laughter, a realization, a release, in other words – some sort of shift in your energy that lets you know you have hit upon your truth, you are there. When this has taken place, immediately send love and acceptance to the person you originally judged. Then do the same for yourself.

Something else might happen as well. You may have a memory of someone who did this thing to you in the past, or someone you did it towards, or both. It may have been a big event, such as your sister, when you were teenagers, ‘manipulated you out of your boyfriend.’ or some such thing. Or it may be a small thing. Either way, forgive the other person, let it go, it is over and done with. Only the freeing of the past energy block, and learning to express yourself in the now, and living in the now is important. Forgive yourself for getting hung up on it. You see, it isn’t the thing itself that cripples our lives, it is the holding on. It is no different than a dam in a stream, it blocks our life energy from moving forward, on its original course. No wonder so many people do not feel fulfilled, do not feel in their right time and place, with the people, work, and places they feel really happy and excited about. If you are not experiencing passion in your life, if you are not inspired to rise each day and are not enjoying each day to the fullest, if you are not living your goals, then it is time to do some of this inner work I am describing here.

Let go and let love do its thing. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold onto these old (anything older than what is happening this very moment in your life!) feelings and emotions. All that energy can now go towards fulfilling your dreams. Always follow every such release and self healing immediately with a very strong statement of intention, say clearly what you want in your life NOW. Say it with conviction and say it as if it were fact in the present tense: “I am happily married now!” “My Thyroid is working perfectly!” “My elbow is in perfect health NOW!” “My body is a perfect weight and symmetrical and I FEEL Beautiful!” “I am living fully alive in the present, I am in my right time and right place, God’s time.” And so forth.

My personal experience, and the experience of my clients whom I have taught this to, is that your life can change dramatically and permanently in any direction you want it to. You only need to begin feeling your feelings fully, and clearing out the old stagnant ones at every OPPORTUNITY you are given. And there is no day you are not given Opportunities to do this. That is the beauty of it. You don’t need to go anywhere, read any book, spend any money. You can heal your own life. You can become enlightened. There is really no magic to it. When you begin practicing this, you WILL BE given opportunities. You will receive opportunities until you have cleared the past. You will then live in the NOW and in the full flow of life. And that is where the real fun begins! You can then enjoy a full experience of love, prosperity and health, learn to how to use your innate healing abilities, experience the spiritual world here and now, and so much more.

Begin by learning to master freeing your inner true self and feelings, be yourself, feel it, express yourself freely, enjoy life! A last bit of advice… In all upsetting situations, ask yourself, “How is this situation perfect?” That is, “How can I see this situation as being here to teach me something I need to learn that will make life better? What or whom can I forgive to bring more love into my life? What is the silver lining or gift this situation is offering me?”

Wishing all of you love, prosperity, and perfect health,

Timothy Long has been helping people transform their lives for over 30 years. He presently lives and works in Boulder, CO. and also works with people around the world by phone and video consulting.