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Mind-Body Therapy Healing Practices

Experience and learn self-healing processes: breathwork, meditation, vagus nerve reset, process painting, energy healing, and more.

Mind-Body Healing 

Therapy, coaching or mind-body healing sessions can be on-line or in-person. You can schedule hour long sessions, or schedule back to back sessions if you wish to have a 2 hour or 1.5 hour session. Longer sessions allow for deeper healing and transformation to occur, as well as enough time for me to teach these practices so you can continue practicing on your own.

Here is a list of of mind-body healing practices I offer. I also welcome teaching other therapists, teachers, doctors, and healing practitioners the following:

  • Vagus nerve reset and self-regulation methods
  • Breathwork
  • Guided Meditation
  • Deep mind-body relaxation and stress relief methods
  • Creative visualization and manifestation
  • Brain-Gym Exercises
  • Voice and sound healing (free your voice and self-expression)
  • Dance Movement 
  • Contact Improv (some of these practices, like this one are better suited for in-person sessions)
  • Relational Primal Play
  • Process (Intuitive) Painting
  • Accessing deep levels of spiritual awareness and connecti

Primal Authentic Expression & Connection

Workshops, Classes, Retreats, Private Sessions

The following 8 processes/facilitations/teachings/experiences are designed to free your body, mind, spirit, self expression, creative expression: increase your energy and free your potential in every area of your life. They can be experienced in private or group sessions: 

  • Intuitive Process Painting
  • HeartSpeak | Authentic Communication 
  • Breathwork | Sound & Voice
  • Liberating Dance/Movement 
  • Spirit-Mind-Body Realization
  • Social Anxiety Support Process Group
  • Intimate Relationship Process Group
  • Manifesting Your Most Wonderful Life Master Mind

For assistance deciding which experience (or combination) will best serve your needs and growth at this time, schedule a complimentary discovery session with Timothy here.

To be notified of future classes, workshops, retreats and other special offerings, be sure to sign up to Timothy’s private list on the home page.

Liberate Yourself and Your Life!


Primal Dancing, Process-Intuitive Painting, Breathwork, Sound and Voice, HeartSpeak, various forms of authentic relating, intimacy practices, self expression and improv processes, various dance and movement practices, and conscious communication practices have been MAJOR instrumental influences in my life’s evolution and transformation. 

Various forms of psychotherapy and counseling were not nearly enough. I want this to be very clear. Although, without deep, somatic trauma therapy, no way would I be where I am today. Yet, I can also say the same about the processes, experiences and practices I am referring to on this page.

These healing processes and practices are major pathways promoting awakening and freeing of the primal core self. These practices are deceptively simple, yet supremely powerful. 

I have spent a lifetime creating, practicing and evolving these practices. They lead to profound letting go of the defenses, shame, fear, and habitual patterns that continue replicating the suffering of social anxiety (with all its various symptoms, including chronic blushing, sweating, panic, etc), as well as self-defeating behaviors, self-consciousness, self-criticism, self-judgment, and the projecting of the same on the external world.


experiencing most of the time: self-acceptance, feeling free to be your authentic self, pure joy, deep intimate connection with self/others/nature/the universe; easy energy and inspiration to be, express and actualize your own dreams and greatest potential. All your relationships will benefit. There is no greater life enhancing, anti-aging, health benefiting, and magnetic prosperity promoting acton you can take other than freeing your primal authentic expression of Self. 

Private Sessions can be on on-line or in-person. These sessions can be 1, 1.5 or 2 hours (or longer). Longer sessions often work best as we have more time to both prepare, practice and go into deeper experiences. Schedule here.

Dear Timothy, thank you for the work you have done for me. I just want to express the deep gratitude I have for the time, energy and teaching you have given me. Knowing your wise, grounded voice has provided me with comfort and an inner sense of peace and joy that seems to have been eluding me now for quite some time. The healing work and the conversations we have had have changed my life. Thank you, thank you! It is truly a gift knowing you. Love, Richelle”
I received an email from Richelle 15 years later: “…the impact you had on my life at the time was very profound and stabilizing.” – Richelle