My Number One Sleep Tip

woman with insomnia and sleep issue seeking psychotherapy to sleep better

The moment you lie your head down on your pillow, begin to reflect on all the beautiful things that happened that day. Think about each thing you are grateful for and everything you appreciate. Send your mind dreaming into all the pleasures and beauty of your life. Feel it in your body and heart. Connect in prayer with your higher being and the source energy of all life, give thanks and gratitude for everything.

Allow your mind to pray and imagine what tomorrow will bring. See and feel only good coming into your life. Believe in miracles taking place and your dreams and goals coming true. Feel the comfort of your bed, all of your surroundings, hug and open your heart to all your loved ones.

All the time keep a light focus on your breathing, relaxing your jaw and tongue, scanning your body and paying attention to areas that are holding stress – relax and let go. Sink deeper and deeper into your heart center and into a beautiful sleep. All the time anticipating and welcoming your time in the sleep-spirit world, looking forward to a new day where things are getting better and better in every way. Allow yourself to be sweetly smiling the whole time. If at first any of this is difficult, fake it, pretend, experiment with it, try it.

Your mind creates your life and your sleep. Use your mind to create the sleep and life you most desire. When you awake I suggest you stay in bed a few minutes and allow yourself to feel appreciation for all you have, and then look forward with anticipation and positive thoughts towards the day to come. Then you might want to get up and journal a bit, write down your dreams, let words flow onto the page. Create the life you want in words and images.

It is a good idea to begin the day with some stretching, some light exercise, perhaps dance. Use your mind and words and body to create a vibration that says, ‘Yes! to life!’ Say and think and feel the day and life you want to have. Imagine all things being blessings and leading to higher good. Ask and you shall receive. Imagine and it will come true.

Then meditate for at least 10 to 20 minutes. First thing in the morning before you turn on the cell phone or computer is a great time to meditate. This allows you to bridge your sleep-spirit world with your awake-daytime state of being. This sets the whole day’s vibration. Are you going to live from fear or love, from the negative or positive, from the ego or from the Living Source of God? Meditation is the key way to align with your choices.

There is a very close connection between sleep, meditation and how you use your mind during your waking hours.  Understanding and mastering this will determine both the quality of your sleep and the quality of your life.

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