I work with people of all ages and backgrounds including high school and college students, CEO’s, therapists, entrepreneurs, creatives, individuals and couples — to clear away blocks, trauma, fears, anxiety and self-limitations. I help people reach their highest potential and create the lives they truly want.

My psychotherapy is not only traditional talk or cognitive therapy: it is process orientated, somatic and body-centered. My mind-body approach is experiential, compassionate, relational, and focused on the present. We may use Gestalt, EFT, or EMDR like therapy, as well as other approaches, whatever works best for you. I highly respect each person’s individual needs and desires; we will work in a way that is comfortable for you. I also offer life coaching, relationship coaching, business coaching, career coaching, and creativity coaching.

Over the last thirty plus years I have seen incredible transformations in my clients’ lives. Let’s speak and find out how I can best help you transform your life. 

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