For over thirty years I have worked with people of all ages and backgrounds, from CEO’s of corporations to high school and college students: with individuals, couples, families and groups. They all wanted the same thing: to be free of the anxiety, fear, depression, and blocks that were holding them back from reaching their highest potential and freely enjoying life.

My sessions are not like traditional psychotherapy, talk or cognitive therapy. I am not here to fix, diagnose, analyze or heal you. I facilitate and co-create deep shifts in people’s lives. My approach includes somatic, body-centered processes that are experiential, focused on creating a new integration and experience in the present. These processes free people from the past that keeps repeating itself. We work at a pace that is safe and respects individual needs and desires; we will work in a way that is comfortable for you. Our intention is to free you of the stories that are blocking your freedom of expression and comfortably being your true self. 

I am forever grateful and blessed to continually witness incredible transformations in my clients’ lives. I find great reward and pleasure in this work. Let’s speak and explore how I can best help you transform your life and create what you really want. 

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