I am a holistic psychotherapist, relationship and personal life coach. For over twenty-five years I have been working with people of all ages and backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, CEOs, high school and college students, therapists and coaches; with individuals, couples, families and groups. People come to me when they are ready to resolve what is blocking and frustrating their lives. I help people breakthrough limitations so they can thrive in their personal lives, relationships, and businesses. All of us want and deserve to reach our highest potential. I want to help you live the life you deserve.

My approach is highly individual, relational, holistic, positive, and trauma-informed.  We can decide together what will work best for you: psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, or a combination that best suits you. I offer more than talk-therapy. I use many approaches best suited for each unique individual: gestalt therapy, parts-work, somatic-based and mindfulness practices, inner-child work, transformational energy-work, healing-play, and other effective therapeutic approaches. No matter how we choose to work together, we will focus on resolving any personal, relationship, career or work issues that stand in your way. We always work in a way that is safe and respects your individual needs, beliefs and desires. 

I know it can be confusing and difficult reaching out to a new psychotherapist or coach, especially when you have been disappointed before. One of my greatest gifts is making it easy and comfortable for new clients. I am forever grateful and blessed to continually witness incredible transformations in my client’s lives. I am very passionate and find great reward in this work. Let’s speak and explore how I can best help you transform your life, and together let’s create the life you really want.

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