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How I can help you

For over 30 years I have helped my clients resolve many issues, though these are my top six specialties.

woman wanting to stop facial blushing, flushing, wanting relationship counseling


I have great success resolving blushing and flushing issues, along with the social anxiety that often goes with it. Find out what works! 

women healing anxiety, family counseling, love and relationship counseling


Resolving your anxiety can completely transform your life. There are many forms of anxiety. We will resolve the root cause. 

women in therapy discussing social anxiety and blushing, family, career and relationship issues

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety stems from a number of complex factors. I look forward to helping you become free and comfortable in all social situations.

psychotherapy for healing ptsd and complex trauma, family and relationship emotional toxic relationships

Trauma and PTSD

I specialize in clearing all types of trauma: PTSD, Complex-PTSD, childhood trauma; physical, emotional and mental abuse.

healing depression with art and creativity, for artists, writers and people with social anxiety and blushing


I can help you heal and get excited about life again. Whether your depression is short-term or long term, I can help you. 

empowering women with Low Self-Worth, self esteem, confidence, and social anxiety issues

Low Self-Worth

Build a new you: confident, happy and full of life. We will work together to free you and identify what brings your life meaning.

When I first came to Timothy for therapy, I was stuck in life. I had been operating in many self-defeating modes of thought and behavior. My time with Timothy was invaluable, and I am full of gratitude that I was fortunate enough to have his assistance in my recovery. Thank you, Timothy! 

Lucas | Client