Using the power of

Spiritual Coaching and Intuitive Healing

Co-creative healing processes, including guided meditation, breathwork, energy healing, soul embodiment, prayer, and more.

Facilitating spiritual growth and intuitive healing

First, I would like to clarify that I do not heal anyone, I facilitate spiritual healing processes. I encourage people to take responsibility for their own healing. I believe Spirit, Source energy or God does the healing. Over my lifetime I have witnessed a lot of wonderful healing, a lot of which appeared miraculous. I will admit, I have often been hesitant to share my experience and facilitate spiritual healing because there seems to be so much confusion and disagreement in the world around this subject, if it is possible, or even if it is real. 

What I can say clearly and with certainty is: I have facilitated many spiritual and intuitive healing processes and I have witnessed some very real and great results. And even during many of my counseling and coaching sessions, as well as in my personal life, without trying to facilitate healing directly I have witnessed many times spiritual healing and assistance take place.

The power of spiritual healing

Often during these sessions and processes, I have witnessed spiritual beings and orbs of light present in the room around me and around my clients. My experience is they are of great beauty and luminosity, and the energy in the room, as well as in and around me at these moments is of great love and peace. All time stops in these moments and I never cease but to be in awe. I can not say for certain always who or what these beings are, or what the orbs of light are, I can only say they are as real as can be. I believe some are angels or healing spirits, and others are people’s loved ones and relatives. What takes place is always good and transformational. As I said earlier, it is not me that does the healing. Though I am very grateful to be present and I have been witnessing this throughout my counseling and healing work from the very beginning. 

Perhaps you can understand why I don’t speak about this much and I have been hesitant to offer this work publicly for many years. Nevertheless, I have recently decided it is time to begin teaching and sharing this gift of spiritual healing once again. If you visit my testimonial page you can see towards the end testimonials that mention spiritual healing directly.

Benefits and reasons people seek spiritual coaching and healing

Scheduling spiritual coaching and healing

If you are interested in discussing spiritual coaching or intuitive healing, schedule a complimentary consultation and we can decide if this is something that will benefit you.

I think it has been about 6 years now since we worked together. I remember when I called you I was a mess—both physically and mentally. I had physical/medical issues and emotional issues. I was getting nowhere fast. I was skeptical, but then became a firm believer once I experienced the results.
I felt the difference after the healing. I felt my energy staying inside me instead of leaving me. I was able to focus and concentrate. I was able to think more clearly. I was able to complete tasks both at home and at work. All my problems weren’t solved overnight but I was in better condition to deal with them. The healing work took care of my basic needs so that I was able to progress to my other needs. Today I am doing quite well. – Jean