Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healing 

For over 20 years before becoming a psychotherapist, I practiced as a spiritual counselor and healer. I was born with natural, intuitive, spiritual healing gifts. I facilitated many long distance healings. I had a very successful practice with clients worldwide. I often witnessed what many people would call miracles. 

There are a few reasons I stopped. Mainly, I decided it was important to address the underlying and related issues behind the primary issue people were seeking healing for. I often saw people were carrying complex trauma and I wanted to understand it and resolve it at a deeper, more comprehensive level. So I began to favor psychotherapy. I often hear my therapy clients say things like, “I get more out of a few sessions with you than five years with my previous therapist.” And, “I have been to so many healers, but it was your holistic psychotherapy approach that really helped me heal the true issues behind my suffering.” When I work, I am working as a psychotherapist, intuitive, and healer. 

Some people don’t need or don’t want psychotherapy. Some issues are spiritual or energy based. Some issues can and need to be resolved on the spiritual or energy level. Therefore, besides psychotherapy, I also offer spiritual counseling, spiritual guidance, energy healing, guided journeys, hands on healing (in-person), and long distance spiritual energy healiing.

What I will and won’t do

For the most part, I will no longer give readings, acting just as a channel, medium or psychic. Nor will I perform spiritual healings for people that have not done at least some initial counseling or coaching with me (except in special cases). I will facilitate and channel healing energy for my clients that want me to work this way. Though I mostly want to support and teach people to do this for themselves. I want people to realize that they can connect to their inner guidance and tap into Divine Source, Universal Love, angels, spirit helpers and guides, ancestors, the Christ Light, God, etc, according to their own faith and beliefs. My intention is to help my clients connect to their own inner guidance, connection to Source, and innate healing capacity.

Spiritual counseling, guidance and energy healing testimonials

Dear Timothy, thank you for the work you have done for me. I just want to express the deep gratitude I have for the time, energy and teaching you have given me. Knowing your wise, grounded voice has provided me with comfort and an inner sense of peace and joy that seems to have been eluding me now for quite some time. The healing work and the conversations we have had have changed my life. Thank you, thank you! It is truly a gift knowing you. Love, Richelle
I received an email from Richelle 15 years later: “…the impact you had on my life at the time was very profound and stabilizing.” Richelle

Dear Mr. Long, Thank you for healing my son of seizures. My son had seizures for approximately 10 years. When he first started to have seizures, we took him from hospital to hospital. They could not help him and he continued to get worse and worse. He began to have one or more seizures each week. Since I got in touch with you, and you started working with him, the seizures have stopped completely. He is like another person. This happened right after you began working on him. The healing you did really worked. I am delighted to tell you how he had improved and how grateful I am to you. Yours Truly, Carrie

I think it has been about 6 years now since we worked together. I remember when I called you I was a mess—both physically and mentally. I had physical/medical issues and emotional issues. I was getting nowhere fast. I was skeptical, but then became a firm believer once I experienced the results.
I felt the difference after the healing. I felt my energy staying inside me instead of leaving me. I was able to focus and concentrate. I was able to think more clearly. I was able to complete tasks both at home and at work. All my problems weren’t solved overnight but I was in better condition to deal with them. The healing work took care of my basic needs so that I was able to progress to my other needs. Today I am doing quite well. ~ Jean

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Benefits and reasons why someone might choose spiritual counseling & energy healing with me
  • To break addictions
  • Support successful transitions
  • Break relationship attachments
  • Deepen intimate connection
  • Release grief
  • Invite love
  • To build a greater connection to the Divine
  • Reconnect to inner self/child
  • Receive guidance and clarity
  • Emotional, mental or physical healing
  • Heighten skills, talents and gifts
  • Enhance intuition and creativity
  • Release anxiety and depression
  • Heal the damage of drugs and alcohol
  • Heal suffering from miscarriages and abortions
  • Clear negative energies, and entities
  • Connect to ancestors, spiritual guides, angels, and loved ones
  • Create new beginnings  
My back story to being a natural intuitive, spiritual energy healer

Since I was young and all throughout my life people have attributed healings, intuitive guidance and transformations just by being around me. In my mid-twenties some friends certainly got my attention, when without my awareness they placed advertisements around Manhattan where I lived in New York, and out of the blue people began calling me for spiritual healing and counseling sessions. This took me by total surprise and I tried to resist, but ended up starting to like and accept it. To make a long story short (still working on my autobiography), I soon quit my restaurant job and  art school, and have been seeing clients ever since.

I have always been uncomfortable with many of the labels and terms people use to describe these types of gifts and work, especially with some of the teachings and practices associated with terms like: spiritual channel, medium, psychic, shaman, aura and energy field healer, bio-field healing, Reiki healing, angel guidance, channeling entities, and so on. I share some similarities, though the way I work is unique to me, natural and innate, not something I was taught. I do not follow or practice any particular method. Of course, over many years I have learned and picked up some ideas, though I still work predominately in my own natural, intuitive, independent way. I feel very guided and supported by Spirit and no matter what I say or do, I am very aware and grateful that Spirit (be it angels, guides, ancestors, the Holy Spirit, Christ Light, or Divine Love), is providing the guidance and healing for my clients. I gratefully witness wonderful changes, healings and transformations happening in my clients lives.

Over a lifetime, I have researched, studied and practiced a wide variety of holistic, spiritual, therapeutic and healing methods. Though my teachings and the way I practice keeps it very simple and accessible to everyone no matter their spiritual, religious, cultural, scientific or personal beliefs.

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