Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Guidance

I was born with natural gifts as a spiritual intuitive and energy healer. I am able to invite in and connect with Divine energy (our life force), and direct it to others. I am able to hold a secure and safe space for the Divine to assist people in their healing. I can do this with people in my presence or long distance anywhere in the world. I can help with all kinds of issues: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or life issues. I also offer intuitive and spiritual guidance.

FAQ's, how I work and fees

  • Do I have to be your psychotherapy or coaching client to receive spiritual healing or guidance from you? Not at all. During our discovery session we will decide if working this way is a good idea and will benefit you. And my psychotherapy and coaching clients can always ask to include spiritual healing and guidance in their sessions.
  • Do I have to believe in God or be Christian? It does not matter what your religion is or your personal spiritual beliefs. I have successfully worked with people of nearly every religion and spiritual belief, including people that say they have no spiritual beliefs, are atheist or agnostic. Spiritual healing can work no matter what your spiritual beliefs are, the same way the sun shines and love benefits everyone no matter what.
  • Can I ask you to do healing work for someone else? It depends on your relationship and the circumstances. If it is for your child, or a loved one that can’t ask for themselves, then most likely. Though not if you wish to affect someone’s else’s life against their will.
  • What do you charge? Everyone has different individual needs and circumstances, so I do not have one healing method or preset fees for this work. I prefer to speak with each person and decide together the best way to work together and agree on what I will charge. I work on a sliding scale depending on what is involved in each specific case and consider each person’s financial and life situation. 
  • Do I have to pay if the healing does not give me the results I want? My approach to healing is wholistic. Nothing we do goes to waste. Benefits always occur, though not always exactly when and how we want them. Since I can not control or predict exact outcomes, I only charge for my consult time and guidance, and the time and energy it takes me to do the healing work. However, I am grateful when clients show their appreciation with extra donations after experiencing healing, transformation and success in their lives that is not ordinary. Healing results and continued healing and transformation can take days, weeks or even months to occur.

Would you like to work with me?

If you are not too sure about working with me this way but have questions, please email or text me. If you are certain or near certain you want to work with me, go ahead and schedule a complimentary zoom call so we can discuss working together and answer any questions you may have.