List of the

Top reasons my clients work with me

Here are the top reasons my clients work with me and what I have helped people achieve, experience and create:

  • Overcome anxiety issues, including social anxiety, blushing
  • Resolve self-confidence and low self-esteem issues
  • Resolve depression
  • Resolve relationship issues, conflict, difficult communication
  • Help teenagers, young adults and college students with stress, relationships, social anxiety, decisions and transitions
  • Learn mindfulness, stress-release, centering, meditation and breath work skills
  • Discover life purpose, gifts; realize full potential
  • Gain clarity and make important decisions
  • Free self expression, as well as public speaking skills
  • Bring forth and develop creative abilities
  • Prosperity and abundance coaching
  • Create the life you really want to live
  • Develop relationships and deepen intimacy
  • Heal boundary and co-dependent issues
  • Dating and relationship coaching
  • Resolve sexual and intimacy issues
  • Release and resolve trauma, complex PTSD
  • Clear childhood trauma
  • Clear relationship trauma, abuse, separation and divorce
  • Heal grief; healing around death, dying and transitions
  • Resolve trauma resulting from sexual abuse
  • Healing from relationship breakups
  • Develop relationship to self love and spiritual self
  • Develop intuition and healing abilities
  • Learn self-healing, self-care and self-growth methods
  • Healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Personal Coaching for entrepreneurs, founders and executives
  • Creativity Coaching for artists, writers, painters, dancers, musicians, actors; clear blocks and free creative self-expression