Transform Your Life through Meditation

man meditating to connect with self and intimacy for dating and relationships

Meditation, the simple act of being consciously aware of your breathing, focusing on and sensing your body, observing your mind, tuning in deeply to your core self, and sensing the vibrations of other people and your environment, can radically transform your life and bring many positive benefits.

Enjoy many positive benefits from meditation

Meditation was once a closely guarded secret in the inner circles of powerful leaders, spiritual teachers and religious leaders, both Christian and Buddhist. Their practices may have differed, though it was many forms of meditation.

Here are just some of the powerful benefits of meditation:

  • Connects you to your core power
  • Clears your mind of all unnecessary thinking, promotes clear thinking
  • Purifies your body and mind, clears toxic emotions
  • Releases your body’s healing power, raises your positive energy
  • Builds your self-discipline, focus and concentration
  • Connects you to your true nature and source energy
  • Leads to joy and peace in your relationships, and in all areas of your life
  • Expands your conscious awareness, intuition and perception 

Many forms of meditation have come down to us over the ages. Though what is the core practice that gives the best results?

Easy, effective, powerful meditation instructions

  1. Find a quiet time and place (I suggest upon waking and before bed).
  2. Be sure all phones and other disturbances are off.
  3. Make yourself very comfortable, though keep your spine (main energy channel) alert and straight.
  4. Begin with noticing your breathing and scanning your body.
  5. Continue scanning your body, feeling the sense of your body and observing your breathing.
  6. It works well to set a timer. Begin with 5 minutes. Every few days increase by 5 minutes. Eventually a 30 to 60 minute meditation will feel like just minutes.
  7. Smile. Allow a smile to form on your face. Smile down into your body, connecting to a positive feeling of peace and love. It is scientifically proven that smiling raises your neurotransmitters, hormones and endorphins. It naturally boosts your mood, relaxes you and brings you into mild euphoria. Do this when meditating, though do it all the time as well. Why not?!
  8. Meditation is learning to let go of all purely mental, extraneous thoughts. We are learning to simply feel and be the ocean rather than the waves. We are learning to enter and stay connected to the stillness that underlies everything. We want to experience that still, peaceful place that all arises from and falls back into. You will know this sweet place when you find it. Meditation will nourish and fulfill you. There is no drug on the planet that will ever give you so much, and bring you as much health and joy.
  9. Keep tracking your breath, deepen and lengthen your breath. Be sure the out-breath is at least equal to your in-breath or longer. Try making sounds on the out-breath and humming. Sound is deeply healing and will break up old patterns. Keep feeling the vibrations in your body and sensing all areas of your body. You can also consciously dance and move while meditating, staying deeply focused. Allow your body to move intuitively while you observe. 
  10. You can also use your meditation time to explore your feelings, any issue in your life, to feel into a decision, to receive guidance and information from your deeper self or receive spiritual guidance, if you believe in that. I do. 

Begin meditating now!

Why put it off? Sure it can be difficult at first. In the beginning many people’s minds won’t turn off and remain busy. The body may squirm around. Weird itches come out of nowhere. We suddenly remember all kinds of things we need to do or didn’t do! The lower ego has its ways of keeping us from connecting to our true selves.

Don’t put it off. All aspects of your life will improve when you meditate consistently. The only way to really know is to experiment with it yourself. Simply begin with five minutes before bed or upon awakening, and let it grow on you naturally.

Need support? consider a meditation group

One powerful way to get going is to join a meditation group. Even those of us who have meditated for years enjoy the power of meditating in group. Or, reach out for private meditation coaching. Schedule a complimentary session, I would love to guide you into meditation.