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Transformational Healing~Play

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

If I had to say what is Timothy’s greatest gift I would say: he makes clients COME ALIVE.

 This is Timothy’s mastery. Working with him I discovered that therapy doesn’t have to be boring or painful; I have felt totally guided with tenderness and lightness. Together, we are playing through the pain. His methods are very effective. And what is wonderful is that I have never felt judged or rejected in my expressions and feelings, but I have been guided in welcoming what there is. This is so rare and precious!”  ~ Sara

Are You Ready for a Breakthrough in Your Life?

Here is one of my favorite and most effective offerings for awakening and clearing anything that is limiting your freedom, joy, self-love, self-acceptance and success in any area of your life.  We can clear anything that is blocking you from fully enjoying a full-bodied, authentic life, with wonderful connection and deep intimacy in your relationships. This work goes beyond psychotherapy and life coaching, though includes essential pieces of both. My approach eliminates so many of the limitations and negatives that so many people experience in therapy and coaching. This approach allows for greater embodied growth and expanded transformation in a format that is more comfortable, relational, and focused in the present. Are you ready to feel free of anxiety, fear and whatever is keeping you stuck? Rather than just talk therapy, which for many is not effective, we will use transformational healing~play processes to breakthrough the stuck places, and free you to live the life, relationships, business or career you dream of.

How did Transformational Healing~Play originate?

My Transformational Healing~Play ‘therapy’ draws upon over 25 years of working as a somatic-gestalt trauma psychotherapist, life coach and energy healer. Many of my clients find it more effective than talk therapy and life coaching. They also say it is enjoyable and fun, and are excited to see real changes happening with ease in their lives. 

My client’s say I have a gift for making people feel safe and comfortable. I am also gifted at empowering people to create the change they want in their lives. I know what it is like to feel unseen, unheard, overwhelmed and stuck. I myself suffered for decades with severe complex PTSD, major social anxiety, depression, and body-mind disconnection issues. I spent a good part of my life healing from toxic, abusive relationships, freeing my self of shame, and from life-crushing low confidence and low self-worth. At the same time, I have spent my entire life supporting other people to become empowered and free. 

This powerful transformative healing~play ‘therapy’ is based on my own personal healing journey over my lifetime. This work includes the essence and essentials of what I have found most effective for both myself and my clients; what has been most healing and transformative. Drawn from all of my experiences in a wide range of healing, therapeutic and transformational work, including many years of personal psychotherapy, somatic-body-centered trauma therapies and trainings, personal growth workshops, tantra trainings, many forms of bodywork, mindfulness and meditation practices, and a variety of movement and dance (including Argentine Tango and Contact Improv). As well as, intuitive-process painting, writing, and the study and practice of various forms of alternative healing and naturopathic medicine.

What would you like to change or experience in your life?

Here are some of the things I specialize in resolving for my clients in my transformational~healing~play coaching: 

  • Become free of social anxiety
  • Become comfortable being vulnerable, meeting new people, trying new things
  • Owning your voice: feel comfortable speaking up, expressing yourself freely
  • Feel empowered to take action on your dreams
  • Learn to create safety, boundaries and consent
  • Enjoy deep authentic connection in your relationships
  • Increase love, intimacy and pleasure in your life
  • Free your inner creative, playful child
  • Become free of emotional and sexual trauma issues
  • Become free of shame and body image issues 
  • Stop the inner voice of self judgment and shame
  • Awaken compassion and tenderness towards yourself
  • Feel fully embodied, present, grounded
  • Clear away blocks to having love, prosperity and joy in your life
  • Awaken your natural capacity to attract into your life whatever will truly bring you meaning and fulfillment

All of you is welcome here!

All parts of you are welcome here, given a voice, heard and seen. Any part that is unsure, hurt, sad, scared, anxious, angry, confused, avoidant, shameful, shy; inner child, wild child, creative self, dancing self, curious self, sweet self, sensual self, spiritual self; sensitive, tender, lost, confident, intense, searching, desiring, powerful, dominant, submissive, dark, light: ALL YOUR PARTS known and unknown, especially the unknown. Most people have limited awareness of all their parts, and struggle to welcome, integrate and love them All. This is the crux of our work together: making conscious, welcoming and integrating all of our experiences and parts. 

What are some possible experiences and practices I offer?

These are possibilities, though we may end up working differently. Our work together will be collaborative, co-creative. Very much focused on what will work best for YOU. We always honor and respect what feels best and safe to you.

To the extent we empower, embrace and experience our life force, our embodied aliveness and spirit, our fear, anxiety and suffering will diminish.

Ways we may choose to work together:
  • A safe place to speak and explore your thoughts and feelings
  • Somatic sensing and mindfulness practices
  • Healing Breathwork
  • Energy Healing
  • Embodiment practices
  • Freeing voice and self expression practices
  • Learning to know and express clearly Your Yes and No
  • Intuitive process coloring-painting
  • Relational~Play
  • Parts integration work
  • Inner child connection
  • Relational mindful movement~dance~play
  • Sensation play
  • Various practices to increase conscious love, connection, intimacy and pleasure in relationships
  • Build social, dating and relationship skills

Additional information for those considering working with me:

  • My Transformational Healing~Play coaching work welcomes women, men, and couples.
  • I am also available for travel, public and social outings, explorations in nature, dance classes, workshops, dating and social anxiety support. 
  • Most of this work is best in-person, though some can be done effectively by video.
  • This is not psychotherapy. This is transformational healing.
  • My greatest joy is gifting connection and freedom to others and seeing their lives and joy expanding.
  • If you feel drawn to working with me, go ahead and schedule a 30 minute complimentary session.

    Lastly, I want you to know, that nothing excites me more, creates more passion and joy in me than meeting and working with people that are intent on transforming their lives and bringing more freedom, love and divine connection into this world! This has been my whole life’s passion and work, and I love it.

    I so much look forward to hearing from you.

    With love,