What Kind of Psychotherapy Works?

woman in crises having transformational psychotherapy, changing life with a psychotherapist and life coach

What Kind of Therapy Works?

A positive, holistic, spiritual, transformational psychotherapy that reconnects us to our Source, to our heart and soul. What does not work is therapy that focuses mainly on problems and the past. We are actually already whole at our core, though this gets covered up by stories, fear, negative messages and mental thinking – and by too much emphasis on labeling, analyzing, and too much mental mind talk. The love and healing we seek, our power and our gifts, our greatest potential and success, already lie within us at our core – connected to Source. Our main work is to reconnect to what we seek that is already present, albeit not conscious yet.

What I witness over and over with my clients is disconnection from their Source. Their pain and suffering is directly rooted in this disconnection. The propensity is to live up in the mental mind, focused on what are essentially stories, fears and what is not wanted. When a person says, “I am broken, I am lacking this or that, my life is not good,” or “My problems were caused by past events or someone else,” they are holding onto statements that are essentially not true. Trauma and pain are real and it is certainly true that people can be victimized or wounded at some time in their lives. I have personally experienced growing up in an abusive family and was deeply wounded. I know what it is to grow up and never be told you are loved or touched in a loving way. I also know how it is as an adult to be the victim of other people’s manipulation and to have one’s whole life nearly completely destroyed. However, at some point we all must come to realize that nothing that has ever happened is the cause of today’s suffering. Today, in the now we have the choice to suffer or to be free and happy.

What has worked for me in my personal life and what works for my clients?

When our lives are not working, be it failed relationships or difficulties creating wealth or health for ourselves, we need to find the cause. The cause is always within our own minds; it is not external. The external world is but a mirror, our teacher. The external world, what we see that we do not like, or what we feel is in our way and not working, is simply a reflection or projection of our own minds. These projections indicate shadow parts of ourselves that have not been integrated or loved by us. Working with a mindful psychotherapist will help you reclaim and integrate those lost parts.

I worked with many psychotherapists until I identified the most effective therapeutic methods and therapists I personally felt most compatible with. At the same time, no therapist can do it all for us, we have to be committed to our own personal work. A therapist can help you to understand what that work is and support you in your healing process. This guidance and support is invaluable, I would say it is essential to reaching our highest potential. Everything, and I mean everything can be healed and transformed. I speak from my own personal life experience as well as from witnessing my own client’s transformations.

The training and orientation of the therapist also really matters. I now practice with my clients the methodologies that worked in my own search through many therapies. My approach is based on positive psychology, mindfulness, somatic body sensing, guided inner focusing, gestalt therapy (parts work) and EFT, as well as awakening and building the client’s own connection to their Source, their inner guidance or God, however one wishes to name it.

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